For wholesale prices you need to register!

  1. In order to register fill out the form going into the “Registration” section. After submitting the form you will be contacted by an employee of Airin, which will give you a username and password.
  2. To place an order, select your desired brand and desired position. Next, add a product to the cart. In the basket, you can specify the necessary number of goods. And place your order.
  3. Minimum tissue masks 10 pcs (one package)
  4. The minimum number of samples of 100 pieces.
  5. Minimum order $1000
    Processing your order.
    After ordering, he sent for processing and verification. After verification you will be sent an invoice. The amount of invoice can vary. (Reason: Not available, for example, or the inability to send in mind the exclusive rights to the brand) You can change the invoices, adding another position or confirm the order for execution. (In this situation, Airin Cosmetic fulfill your order, even if the amount is less than $ 1000)
    After confirming your order will be sent an invoice for payment.
    Payment is one of several ways.

Money Transfer (SWIFT), Western Union, MoneyGram PayPal (in preparation)

After payment is collected your order.

The order is going from 2-4 days.
Shipment of goods

Goods shipped to the logistic company that you selected.

Sea + Air or sea + railway (railroad)
After shipment you get a list of shipped goods + financial statement

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